For the past 30 years, we have made the concrete sleeper evolve to have a track support, very performing, very reliable, very simple to produce, very economical and perfectly adapted to all railways categories.

Our commercial references are international; our know-how is an asset for the profitable exploitation of the networks.

A wide range of products....

  • Concrete sleepers compatible with all fastening systems (Pandrol, Nabla, Vossloh ...)
  • Bearers for switches and crossings
  • Sleepers laying machines
  • Equipment for the manufacture of braces and concretes
  • Elastic fastening components
  • Spare parts for the maintenance of the infrastucture and wagons

A range suitable for various rail-track

  • Metric-standard-wide gauges (light, standard, heavy)
  • Metro tracks
  • Tramways tracks
  • Non ballasted tracks

Assistance and training of local workers

  • Equipment setting up and production of the first sleepers by our cares
  • Continuous assitance to the end user and results warranty (productivity and quality)

A worldwide reputation over 4 continents and since several tens of years...

  • Several millions of produced sleepers under license
  • Tens of equipments totally operational (laying machines and moulds) sold and installed by our cares within the world