During a century of existence, our company will have produced several tens of millions of sleepers, equipping Railway networks on 4 continents.

For the past 40 years, we have made the concrete sleeper evolve to have a track support, very performing, very reliable, very simple to produce, very economical and perfectly adapted to all railways categories.

Our commercial references are international; our know-how is an asset for the profitable exploitation of the networks.


    • Nominal production :
    - 25 sleepers/hour* (depends type of sleepers)

    - 200 sleepers/day
    - 45.000 sleepers/year or 90.000 if 2 shifs/day


    • Repetitive and constant quality
    thanks to the single mould process

    (one single mould can be adapted to suit different types of rail used in the same rail track)


    • Production investment costs 

    (turn-key plant)

    cheaper than any other type of concrete sleepers